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Welcome to Rim Country Manufacturing Inc. (RCM)

We are in the process of updating our website.  This version of the website will stay online while we design and build the new one.  So check back in a few months and see what we've done.

This site features products that we design and manufacture. From a complete line of lightweight, extremely durable, all U.S. made tripods and tripod accessories, to a full line of U.S. made Hk gun parts. H&K is a registered trademark of Heckler and Koch, and is used here only as reference to a style or type of part. RCM Inc. is not affiliated with H&K in any way.

All of our products are used by hunting, outdoor photography and video enthusiasts, as well as the tactical side of Law Enforcement and Military Special Ops. Personnel. RCM started off in the Aerospace machining industry. To supplement the ups and downs of this trade, we branched off into the realm of outdoor products.

First came the tripod and then tripod accessories soon followed. Another direction we took was U.S. made Hk gun parts. We have supplied these parts to some of the biggest gun builders in the country.

At RCM, we strive to make all of our products to the highest degree of quality possible. We not only design and make them, we use them and stand behind them 100%. Please browse through the site and check out our products that we currently have to offer.

We offer you, our customers, only the highest quality products available, all backed with a no BS warranty. IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED, send it back in new condition and get a refund. It's that simple.

Thanks once again.

RCM Inc.